Friday, April 24, 2015

There and Back Again Socks

 I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan.  I had no idea there were sock patterns created around the Hobbit and LOTR!  I believe there are at least 30!  Patterns revolve around characters and places...Oh my gosh, talk about excited and when you think of LOTR and the "journey" and the time and work getting from one place to another, its just the same for these sock patterns.  Talk about challenging!   These socks are Gollum by Claire Ellen  gollum-socks  The little cables on the back are holes!  At the heel is a circle or ring, the one ring to rule them all!  
 My friend and I took the challenge to knit them at the same time.  Here we share footsies as the big sigh of relief escapes us...FINALLY finished.
 Clair Ellen designed this pattern called Smaug!  I had purchased some amazing yarn with a bit of sparkle to in last fall at a fiber fair.  I used it for these Smaug socks because I wanted the scales to have a bit of cool dragonish fun.  Again this was really a tough knit for me.  Not only did I have to rip out when I discovered I skipped the page to mirror image my pattern, but the pattern changes every row as the angles that make it so interesting make it all so hard. 

Well, I may never wear these they are so cool, I might just put them into a collection of I cant believe I made these! 

Man, So many I want to knit, and all are so different and I Wants thems all, my precioussss.
 Well, finally an easier sock from the LOTR's  The Road Goes Ever On.called TreeBeard.

As I knit these I remembered the Ent's and their role in the trilogy.  Its fun to knit along and have such cool memories.

This was a much more easy pattern.
 My yarn was Malibrigo sock yarn in color Lettuce!  I think its perfect for an Ent, don't you!
Ahh, back at the knitting table, other socks in progress, having so much fun taking footsie selfies.  Out of all of us who come to the knitting table, only two of us are sock obsessed...  Our road goes ever on.

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