Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Open Field

 The Open Field, 18x30 inches.  Quail and Poppies

Once again this piece has a whole cloth background but with a little print this time.  I added 3 squares of color for some bokeh.  The little quail is in the field and watches over his shoulder in the stand of poppys.

The technique I use is raw edge applique.  The images are fused in place and machine stitched with decorative threads.  The background is randomly quilted and this particular work has a heavy layer of batting to give extra depth and weight to the hanging.  I used an interesting fabric to frame it with a border that is about 2 inches wide in a range of shadowy earth tones.

My fabrics of choice are batik's.  This is currently available on Etsy at the Timeless Dog Studio.

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