Friday, April 24, 2015

Sunrise Scarf its Bambalacha!

 Wowzer, I am finished with knitting this lace pattern called Sunrise Scarf which I found on Ravelry knitted up in handspuns.  Sunrise Scarf

I wish these colors were true to the actual color of the yarn as in the previous post on this single ply yarn I spun. Its really purples and turquoise...its so luscious.

I have knit a bit of lace, no big deal right!  Just a bit of lace at the end of shawls and simple things, how hard can a little 8 inch wide scarf be to knit?
 This is one of the more challenging things I have knit.  The pattern is knit on front and back, so there is no resting row to give yourself a little breather between following pattern charts. 

I think the only thing that really kept me going was I could not stand to wait for the colors to change.  Each row became more lovely, the colors just rich and exciting.
At one point I did consider to stop or continue as you really could not see the pattern much unless you stretched it out with your fingers, so I blocked an end. 

That was all it too, I was off and knitting again with light at the end of the yarn tunnel.  This was so worth the time spent and I have a OOAK amazing scarf that no one can resist reaching out to touch.  My finished size is 7 inches x 72 inches long.  YUMM, handspun yarns rock.

Soon I will be announcing TimelessDog Studio is opening its fiber business which will encompass hand dyed yarn, roving and art bats.  Formerly Windyglen Designs I feel like I am re inventing the past with fresh ideas and fiber infused excitement. 

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