Saturday, July 26, 2014

From the Scrap Heap to Beauty

 Yep, its the scrap heap currently residing on my work space.  Its been my ambition to resize it to zilch so there can be more fabric and more fresh new scraps.  Yet as i rummage through this pile there are plenty new scraps.  How did they get there!

Oh well, this is just a little documentary on the construction of the Morning Glory Hummingbird.

I do have a line drawing I am working from for my bird and for my flowers.  Its not really important to show that but from those I cut my pieces for my raw edge applique which gets fused onto the crazy backgrounds of scraps!
 I have my background sewn here and placed a light weight muslin material under it, and then proceeded to sew the decorative metalic threads over my bird.  This shows the back side and its just cotton thread, but the top side is lovely metalics in golds and copper colors.
 This is the front side with the bird done in the metalic threads and the morning glory and leaves .  Both the flowers and bird have the muslin underneath so that when it is sandwiched with the batting and the back fabric it creates a fake or faux trapunto effect where the bird and flowers are slightly lifted up from the background.  Its a marvelous effect!
 Here are two images taken one on a tile floor in natural light and the other on the wood floor in natural light.  You can see how the colors seem to change the way you might think it would look on your wall.

The wire decor is just laying on the floor and the art laying on top, these are not hung and the hanger is on loan and just for photo prop photography, so its not part of this finished work.

Thought you might like a quick walk through from scrap to beauty.   ~ Enjoy!

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