Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seed Packets in Quilting

 To start off the new year I have decided to tackle one of my favorite vintage seed packets as an art quilt.   This idea has played in my head for months and finally I think I might have figured out some ways to bring it to life.

There is some fabric called Stonehedge that will be perfect for the background and the little torn paper look and the writing might be worked out with some printed silk fabric.  I will have to just play with this and hope that it doesn't get frogged to the pond.

I will try and update this as I go along, I have so many other works on the table all of a sudden that when no creativity happens I get overwhelmed with all the things waiting in que,.  I think that is a good thing?

I have some fabric postcards in que, I have blocks from the Naturalist Notebook in que and some beast blocks that are almost ready for quilting . Well lets not forget spinning and knitting!
Hope to show off some fun progress here in the next months.

Happy Holidays!

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