Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celmatis Wall Hanging

 Leaves, vines, stems and trellis.  Its a real hectic layout with all the intertwined stems.  I have had this great piece of fabric with music sheets printed on it and thought it might work as a nice backdrop for the Clematis flowers.  The light gold print and the plan soft field act as a bit of sunlight that might filter through and be seen almost as backlit.  That's the plan of course, but we will see how it progresses.   I love raw edge applique, its a freedom to go beyond and experiment, no rules, and no boundary.
 My Baby Lock is getting a workout sewing down all these fused stems and leaves.  I have some super great Sulky threads that come in variegated colors and they really help to add depth and texture to the batik and other fabrics I use here.
 I didn't do a color correction on this shot, it looks very dull and lifeless.  Right now I have finally finished with stitching the vines and leaves, and have fused on the flowers and given them decorative stitching too with more of that great Sulky thread.
 Now that its quilted it really took on some life, it just sings SUMMER and life in the garden.  The flowers have an extra layer of fabric under them which gives them more puffiness making for a 3D type effect.  I use this process quite a bit on my main focus flowers.  I call my effect a faux trapunto. 
I used  meandering quilting  for the wall hanging and took this side shot to try and let you see the dimension of this piece.  It measures 21x27 inches and its a great size for a wall, almost like a window you are looking through to the outside flowers on a trellis.   Its available on Etsy. too!  Etsy:  TimelessDog  

Hope you enjoyed the walk through the process.