Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bambalacha is Finally Spun

This was a LONG spinning session.  I managed to get 625 yards out of my 5 ounce braid.  I got out of my normal happy spinner speed and got the ratio cranked up and gave this single a tight twist.  I was not really sure if I had ruined it with so much twist, but after the twist was set, shocked and slapped a bit it hang just beautifully to dry. 

 The fiber in this braid is BFL (blue faced Leicester sheep) and Bombay Silk.  I believe the difference between this silk and Tussah is the worm for tussah is not strictly mulberry and its fiber is not super white.  The Bombay silk worm is strictly a Mulberry leaf eater giving the rich white silk.   This was dyed by Corgi Hill Farms and purchased on Etsy.  Their graduated fibers are my obsession.   Also their braids are 5 ounces!   I have given myself the pleasure of creating a pre-knitting swatch for a project I want to do using this size US#5 needle.  Looks perfect!  Its a beautiful strong single ply in a fingering weight, perfect for several different shawl patterns.