Sunday, July 13, 2014

Its A New Day

 I am ousted my old blog to make way for a new beginning, a fresh look a new day for ideas and color. 

Seriously! We have chickens!  6 hens, hummm one might be a rooster!  I think they are the funniest things ever and I am pretty sure you will be seeing quite a bit of fowl work from me in the future.

In the past I have worked on quite of bit of long skinny panels which I called Slice of Life on whole cloth.  I love those long skinny works that can find almost any wall to fit onto nicely.  But now I am wanting more color, more of a scrappy look for my background, more of a crazy quilt background. 
 Also as in the past I have documented quite a bit of my "how I did that" in my blog and I will continue to do that.  

In this fun creature I call Randy, you can see my template behind the fused bird.  I never know how these guys will take on their expression or name, or even background fabrics until the bird is finished.

Once I have the background sewn together I fuse the bird to it and then quilt the bird onto the background with raw edge applique in multi colored threads.   Under this is a single layer of muslin which will give the finished work a bit of lift in a faux trapunto effect.
The last two steps are quilting the background which I do on my BabyLock domestic machine and then add a border. 

There are so many ways to display these wall hangings.  Rods with clips and circles, decorative wire with wooden dowels and clips.   I think one thing I will watch for in the future are the different ways I have seen them displayed and post it here.  

Randy is 151/5 inches x 17.25 inches and found on Etsy at Timeless Dog Studio.

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