Friday, April 24, 2015

Mayan Garden Lace Shawl

 Mayan Garden  Lace knit shawl is one of the many incredible patterns designed by Kitman Figueroa.  I bought this yarn and pattern at last years fiber fest when I saw this knit up.  It was immediate "I have to knit this!"  

The pattern says intermediate...hum, I consider myself at least intermediate in knitting skills, but this pattern took me to places where my needles have never gone before. 

Pattern on both sides, no resting row, the stitches grew and grew till I could only go up one side and back in a full night of TV!  I might have gotten a bit further but with Yorkie love hopping all over there were big pauses or paw's for hugs and kisses.
 I was running out of yarn!   I had two skeins so almost 800 yards and was pretty sure there might not be enough to finish and bind off.   With a bit of planning I left out 4 rows, 4 rows before the end of the pattern and made it work. 

This is to date the largest shawl I have ever committed to.  Its not even my colors, but I love this mossy gree and Mayan Garden is the perfect name for this color.

I hope when you see something you fall in love with you take the personal challenge to give the pattern a try, you might be thrilled to find out you can do it!

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