Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chickadee on Fence Post

 I call this Twilight Chickadee.  It was finished in October but never made it to the blog.  I truly am lazy when it comes to updating my blog.

This very cool and last bit of my graduated blue fabric became the background for the little chickadee on the fence post with the climbing flowers and vine.

The wood was a bit challenging and now I need to be watchful for fabric that can minic wood because I have ideas for more using fence posts and birds.  I can't get away from the bird thing, bu they are so happy, cheerful and very fun to play with in my quilting,.
 I used lots of rayon and interesting threads to give a light thread painting effect to the flower centers and leaves.  It was a nice touch to give the fabic extra detail in such a busy arrangement.

Currently this is offered on Etsy at my studio.

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  1. Chickadees are some of my favorite birds (love to see them at my feeders), and you're really captured their sweet whimsy in this piece. Beautiful work!